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Visiting a Mayan community: an in-depth look to the real México

I met Don Abundio the first time I visited the Mayan community of Señor, about 7 or 8 years ago. From that first day, I fell in love with his stories - the stories of his grandparents and the great cultural gift that few people can share.

Sitting on his hammock, he lights his first cigarette and begins to tell his father's stories, how he had to fight against the federal soldiers armed only with machetes and sticks, how his grandparents exchanged gunpowder for ink made from trees and how defending his people was more important than his own life.

We could say that Señor is a community like any other, a population that emerged from the production of gum and henequen like many in the Yucatan Peninsula. But something emerged in that small town that made me come back again and again.

There I met Marcos, who has since guided us to know more about his town.

I met Doña Teodocia, the traditional herbal healer and Don Crescencio, the inheritor of the traditions of sisal yarn and Mayan rituals.

Visiting a Mayan community as Señor, is to fully enter into the Mexican culture and know the real Mexico, the one that still lives and allows travelers from around the world to have the opportunity to share and learn from our great Mexican culture.

If you want to live this meaningful experience, travel with us!

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